The policy of IGGCS explains the collected information from websites or provided information may be use to benefits to the provided candidates or clients or users. IGGCS is the controller of the information provided or collected in the websites on which this policy is posted and in the course of using the applications of IGGCS which exist in the websites or platforms of other company.

Through this Policy, IGGCS will inform for the candidates or clients about the purpose of using the information that were provided by the user him or herself. The information that collected by the IGGCS will be protected and will be informed if there is any circumstance overcome or not fully guarantee.

Information will be solely used to benefits candidates or user for different purpose and modified according to work or job required to do so. Each process of modification, IGGCS shall be inform all the particulars candidates or clients. So, we are in same page.

The IGGCS policy will be effective on the first day of March and, in case if required of modification it will be notified candidates or clients through positing it on social media of IGGCS or email or phone or through website itself or through any communication medium.