Our company offers a 2-days money back guarantee to all its clients or candidates until and unless services not received from IGGCS and after signed the agreement. If the services were already applied or used by the clients or candidates or agreement was signed or 100% conformed, then there will be no money refundable. So, please not to rush for using our services or products unit and unless not sure to use it or no opportunity is pictured.

Depending the signed projects or understanding between two parties but not in case of course classes or legal expenses or fee , our money back guarantee comes with the adjustment of the costs levied on total number man-hours used to carry forward the work on candidates or users project, until the day you have filed the refund request with us. Every step of project or courses obviously involves a tremendous amount of planning, knowledge, technology, reporting as well as other backend jobs. After deducting a fair price for all these services, the rest of the money is handed over to candidates or client but most of this service is not applied for legal services or courses or legal charges.


Courses classes are the final products. So, no exchange or transfer or no refundable once the amount was signed, the instructor was finalized or class already started.

The cost of the culture exchange program or any other programs will not refundable once the parities have been confirmed or final called has been applied.

Nurse or Healthcare or Information Technology and Job placement services fee shall be refundable after deduction of countless hours or other legal expenses and miscellaneous expense and it also depends upon the cases and how far the process.